Rachel Joffe

Mother-Daughter Fundraiser

I wanted to say thank-you for such an amazing time. I was open to having you because I love to do things for charity but I was not sure how the kids would take to it. I have to say that I was blown away and happily surprised by how organized and how much fun this event was. This event just felt good. It left everyone feeling like they had a token of confidence and energy to wear around their necks….even the kids loved it. Since the parties, I have had 3 kids ask me when the next would be!! Thanks, you surpassed my expectations and now I love my piece of energy and I wear it every day.

♥ Rachel Joffe

Mrs. Melissa

Girls Scout troops 1656 and SU 652

Having our Girl Scout troop participate in the Pieces of Energy Project was a memorable experience.  The girls were able to give of themselves by creating beautiful, motivational pieces of jewelry to pass along to others.  The project was quite rewarding for them as they were able to create something with their own hands that would have an impact on someone else, someone they would likely never meet, but would have been able to touch with the piece of jewelry they created.

♥ Mrs. Melissa

Mrs. Senia

National Junior Honor Society

The Oakdale-Bohemia National Junior Honor Society students thoroughly enjoyed making various pieces of jewelry and key chains that they personally designed at our Pieces of Energy event!  Jennifer and her crew were informative, inspiring and totally organized.  The event was a great success and everyone walked away with a beautiful keepsake, a fun memory and a fabulous feeling that they did something good to help make a difference!”

♥ Mrs. Senia

Mrs Farley

National Junior Honor Society at Murphy JHS

Thank you to Pieces of energy for providing the National Junior Honor Society at Murphy JHS with an incredible experience. The event helped our students be part of a team building experience while raising awareness for Crohn’s disease. We were guided on how to make these beautiful hand crafted pendants and keychains by our honored Hero Rebecca Rogak and her incredible mom Jennifer. They certainly made every student aware of the importance of this disease while fundraising for such a great cause. A fun way to teach kids the importance of awareness”

♥ Mrs. Farley

Pam Diamond

Hadassah Program 

Thank you Jennifer and Diane for bringing pieces of energy to the North Shore Chaverot Hadassah Chapter. Each piece we made filled us with inspiration and hope . It was such a great program for our members to create beautiful things while socializing at the same time. Your generous donation to Hadassah was very much appreciated.

♥ Pam Diamond – President of Hadassah North Shore Chaverot

Suzanne Beck

Team Fundraising Party

Pieces of Energy was an original fundraiser that offered just the right amount of creativity and girl talk for my daughter Abby (age 10) and her friends. The girls not only raised funds for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America they had fun doing it. Creativity, Laughter, Friendship and Giving Back are all the makings of our future philanthropist.

♥ Suzanne Beck

Bob Sweeney Camp Hope Participant

Bereavement/ Therapeutic Workshop

I was introduced to “Pieces of Energy” when recently attending a bereavement camp. One of our activities during the day involved making one of their key chains or necklaces I found this activity helped us bond as a group as we searched through the different images and pictures. We also were able to get to know each other on a more personal level while making these pieces of art. Through this activity we were able to express our loss from picking specific images or sayings that reflected our own personal messages.

♥ Bob Sweeney Camp Hope Participant

Robert Earl Pszybylski

Fencing Team – Team Building Event

Pieces of Energy was a good way to get the whole fencing team together and involved with a hands on positive activity. We were making jewelry and key rings to sell at different fencing events for our team fundraising. Making the pieces was a fun and easy way to have everybody contribute to the fundraiser. You don’t need to be crafty or creative. You just need to bring your positive energy and attitude for a fun and enjoyable experience.”

♥ Robert Earl Pszybylski