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Piece of the Month

Each month a unique and inspirational piece will be showcased to our Pieces of Energy community. These pieces not only reflect our values of giving back, but also gives us an opportunity to share the personal stories behind it. We always welcome new ideas, charities, and personal stories. Together we can make a difference!

December 2016

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$1.00 from every piece sold will be donated to Paws of War.
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She is my best friend and my battle buddy

Paws of War trains and places rescued dogs to serve and provide independence to our United States military veterans who suffer the emotional effects of war. We work to provide independence to these military veterans. Most of our rescued dogs have been abandoned at shelters through no fault of their own. Every dog is trained for a specific veteran to fulfill his or her needs. Some veterans affected by PTSD need a sense of protection and security that only a service dog can provide. Service dogs can be trained to retrieve items for a wheelchair bound veteran, or help with balance for a veteran suffering from TBI (traumatic brain injury). Other veterans require an emotional support dog and others simply want a comfort/companion animal. Animals have been a proven method of supplying emotional support and service to people of all walks of life and are indeed some of the best holistic remedies for wellness. All dogs are evaluated prior to training and specifically matched up with a veteran. The veteran is involved in the training process. All training and initial veterinary costs are absorbed by Paws of War. Our motto: Helping both ends of the leash! And that is what we do!

“I enlisted in the United States Army right out of high school in 2003. My MOS was 31B combat military police officer. I was in from September 2003- September 2008. I deployed with the 25th ID 25th Military Police Company in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Ghazni Afghanistan. I got hurt on July 29, 2004 when my hummvv came under fire and we were breaking contact and hit a five foot ditch and I was thrown on top of my hummvv. I returned from Afghanistan in 2005 and redeployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom with the 25th ID 3rd brigade combat team in 2006 and returned after my 15th month deployment in 2007. I got out of the army in September 2008. I suffer from anxiety disorder, PTS, TBI, Seizure Disorder, Lower back problems, left hip problems and heart problems.

pawsofwarvet“After getting out I did not like going to movies, crowded places and malls. If I went out to dinner I had to sit in the farthest part of the restaurant with my back against the wall so I can observe everything and everyone. After getting my Paws of War dog Cali in September 2014 my life has changed to the better. I am now able to go to malls with a less anxiety and same with going to restaurants. She always has my back and will alert me when someone is coming up behind me. She also alerts me when I am having nightmares by either licking my face or barking. When I am sleeping walking she comes over and gives me a nudge to get back into bed. She is my best friend and my battle buddy. I know she will always have my six and she is a great part of my life”.

— A direct quote from one of our Veterans.”

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